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For more than 40 years, TieCare has been a leading provider of employee benefits to the international educational market.

TieCare International was founded with the sole intent of providing international financial services to the expatriate educational community. We understand the nuances of teaching abroad and can design custom insurance packages to address the needs of international educators. TieCare leverages this understanding and expertise to help guide school administrators on the development of a program suitable to their staff demographics and medical needs.
As a company solely focused on international healthcare and benefits, our customers are our top priority, and we strive for their long-term success by providing a customized, cost-effective benefits package backed by excellent customer service. By offering a synergistic range of services that fulfills every step of the insurance value chain, TieCare plan can meet the specific needs of our international school partners. Additionally, its proprietary approach to pricing combines both large and small group performance to create our International Rate Protection Pool. This global pool results in rate adjustments that are steady and predictable rather than fluctuating when performance is rated on an individual group basis.
TieCare can tailor its benefits plans to groups of any size and with specific requirements; this sets TieCare apart from other insurance providers.

Customized employee benefit programs can be designed with low deductibles and enhanced benefit plans or can be made more economical with increased deductibles and benefit adjustments.

Our experienced global team of field representatives can help you design a TieCare plan that’s just right for your school.
  While rarely are any plan designs exactly alike, most TieCare clients offer the following medical insurance benefits:
  • Coverage for accidents and illnesses
  • Basic Preventative Care
  • Prescription drug benefit & access to discounted U.S. prescriptions through a pharmacy network
  • Inpatient and outpatient coverage
  • Chronic conditions covered
  • Deductible, co-insurance and co-payment options Optional enhanced preventative care, dental and vision benefits
Life insurance can provide financial security for loved ones in the event of an untimely passing, but oftentimes it can be difficult to obtain in a foreign country. With our Life products, educators around the world can have a sense of security in purchasing protection for mortgages, college funds, retirement, and estate planning.

TieCare offers a variety of plans featuring worldwide coverage, flexible policy features, and individualized service. Purchasing life insurance under the TieCare plan gives teachers and faculty protection wherever their overseas assignments or international travels may take them.
Offering disability insurance provides faculty members with income replacement protection in the event they are injured and unable to work, either temporarily or permanently. Accidents happen, and when they do, TieCare Disability Insurance can help manage everyday living expenses to make sure faculty members and their dependents are protected through the recovery period.

Our disability insurance plans have benefits that allow a maximum of 70% of salary to be paid to an insured, disabled worker anywhere in the world. Each plan is custom designed for the international resident who wants to protect their income while recuperating from a disabling injury or illness.
TieCare Travel Insurance is designed to provide emergency health insurance and travel-related non-medical benefits for international leisure and business travelers. Our plans provide a vital lifeline to anyone traveling outside of their home country. 

A TieCare Travel Insurance policy can cover a faculty member anywhere in the world and be purchased on an annual or single-trip basis. Core components include emergency medical insurance, evacuation and repatriation, loss of passport, lost luggage and baggage, and flight delays.

Because medical providers in some areas of the world may not have proper facilities for required treatment, emergency medical evacuation is included in the policy. If needed, transportation to the nearest competent medical facility is provided. 
USA/Canada Toll-Free: +1-855-6TIECARE (6843-2273)
Worldwide Collect: +1-786-814-40TC (4082)
Korea Toll-Free: +00-308-13-2726
assist@tiecare.com / eclaims@tiecare.com
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